Tonight, we all die young
God given

Disclaimer: if you are intolerant, dont even bother.

I have a God-given heart for…people, i love….everyone, even those that i am angry with, am not talking to, or should be angry with, i love them, i hurt to see them hurt, and it really freaking sucks…i am walking around every day, heart so heavy, mind racing, and becoming more and more depressed with every waking moment. its times like these i angrily shake my fist at God, and its also times like this that im glad to have a God that i can shake my fist at, and not be damned. i get so angry, yet at the end of the day, i can come back to him (and i feel as tho its the only reasonable option) and seek rest. i hurt so much…i wish i had a way to resolve all of this, i have so much on me at times that my head spins and i feel sick….i dunno i guess im ranting, carry on

have i expressed recently my hatred of generalizations….especially when the person making said generalization contradicts themselves?

…just for u stinson

…just for u stinson


fave pics of syn asked by anon

When faced with situations like the Holocaust, or modern-day genocides, it is offensive to offer reasons for the horror (such as divine test or punishment,) Here the response of the faithful is not to be found in the offering of a theodicy, but in drawing alongside those who suffer, and fighting on their behalf. The truth of faith is not articulated in offering reasons for suffering, but rather in drawing alongside those who suffer, standing with them, and standing up for them. This is pastoral care at it’s most luminous.
Peter Rollins, The Orthodox Heretic, pg.42 (via wakedeadman)

ive come to the conclusion that most blanket statements make the person stating them look like an idiot

How do you find a vegan at a dinner party?





Don’t worry, they’ll let you know.

How do you find a meat-eater at a party? Don’t worry, they’ll be everywhere, BBQing dead animals and stuffing them in their mouths and saying ‘omg vegans are so preachy’

I found the vegan.

wish i could do this…but i know that i wouldnt be able to

wish i could do this…but i know that i wouldnt be able to